Mary Westcott is an Irish-American screenwriter and poet. Her career began on the stage performing in more than a dozen productions including “Anne of the Thousand Days”, “Wuthering Heights”, “Sweeney Todd”, “Amadeus” and many others. Her natural ability to translate the written word into a breathing, living, performance would prove useful later after trading in her theatre tickets for the all-mighty pen. Influenced by many classic and contemporary writers like Arthur Miller, Margaret Atwood and Tom Stoppard, her work possesses substance that is both unique and stylish.

Mary's childhood was unusual as she expressed a keen interest in words. While classmates played dodge-ball on the playground, Westcott played Scrabble with the Assistant Principal. Her mother, an amateur opera singer and now-retired type-writer teacher openly carries a Public Television tote bag when shopping. Karaoke nights range from “The Magic Flute” to anything Leonard Cohen.

Heartfelt and evocative, Westcott's candid and honest writings reveal much about the subjects she captures with authentic whimsy, playfulness, joy and introspection. Mary is currently attending the University of California, Los Angeles in their screenwriting program.

She is an animal-activist, vegan, and Los Angeles resident.